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Realtor Stress-Busting Tips for Homebuyers & Homesellers

Did you know the profession of real estate agent consistently ranks as one of the most stressful occupations? Yet, some Realtors seemingly deal with stress as if their work is a breeze. Ever wonder about their secret?

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What is it that causes some real estate agents to 'burn out?'  And as a homebuyer or seller, is overwhelming stress inevitable when buying or selling a home? Are there unique factors that make real estate transactions worse than other stressors? In the sometimes fast-paced world of real estate, how do well-balanced real estate agents perform their profession at a high level without burning the proverbial candle at both ends? 

It's not only Realtors who deal with stress. Consider buyers and sellers, who don't have the experience and knowledge that agents have developed due to professional day-to-day experience.  Given that home buyers and sellers are personally involved in such an 'up-close' manner, having less experience along with a 'high stakes' scenario can significantly exacerbate stress during a real estate transaction. 

Before taking the leap to buy or sell, are there specific actions you can take in order to select a balanced agent who will work with you and not against you, if the real estate road gets bumpy? Also, are there warning signs to avoid a 'stressed out' Realtor? Research confirms that emotions like stress can even be contagious! After all, buying or selling a home is already stressful enough without feeling the heat from an expert who is supposed to make the task easier, not harder.

And is there something homebuyers and homesellers can learn about defusing stress using tips from real estate professionals who work daily 'in the trenches' while handling  potentially stress-riddled transactions? Find out in this helpful Oregon real estate podcast!

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