Oregon Real Estate Podcast

The Many Faces of Oregon

Given Oregon's size and diverse geography, some make the case that it is really many states. This helps to explain the different reasons why people migrate here. After all, Oregon is 81 times larger than Rhode Island, more than twice the size of Ohio and even slightly bigger than the United Kingdom. It's reasonable therefore to assume that with such a big state sporting different features and climates, a diversity of residents is more common. 

Oregon's diversity is hardly surprising, given that a majority of Oregonians aren't native to our state. It turns out that fewer than half of Oregonians were born here, with more than half hailing from somewhere else—most often California & Washington. In fact, roughly one in five Oregon residents were born in California! So what are the faces of Oregon...and how might they affect you if you're buying or selling a home in our state? Find out more in this insightful Oregon real estate podcast.

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