Oregon Real Estate Podcast

Haunted Real Estate?

This re-broadcast of a popular true episode illustrates the far-reaching impact of what Realtors call 'stigmatized property,' sometimes known as a 'haunted house:'

While at work one day, I received a phone call, then quickly recognized the caller as a client I assisted with a home purchase months earlier. I soon detected serious concern in his voice as I’d never observed from him before.

While the client talked, I listened and automatically ran through a brief mental checklist of his closed transaction:

‘Paperwork completed correctly?’  Check.
‘Home inspection performed?’ Check.
‘Inspection issues addressed and/or negotiated?’ Check.
‘Building permits researched?’ Check.
‘Insurance, title report, loan and closing documents taken care of?’  Check.

I then run through a few more items in my mind, then hear him say the word Ghost.’

Listen to this full Oregon real estate podcast episode and learn what happens!

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