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How Winning Homesellers Make Homebuyers Compete

This 'best of' Oregon Real Estate Podcast edition is one of our most popular podcast episodes. Listen and learn how you can take control of your homesale by making homebuyers compete for your property!

Whether you're a homebuyer or homeseller, the presence of multiple buyers competing for the same property changes everything. In other words, adding multiple buyers to the mix means a change in behavior between all parties involved.

When multiple buyers express interest in a property by each writing an offer, the balance of power has shifted substantially in favor of the seller. As a result of this decided shift, buyers typically become more competitive. Why? Because fear of loss can be a powerful motivator.

And while it's possible for three, four, or even more buyers to compete for the same house, the principle is essentially the same, regardless of how many multiple buyers write an offer. Adding more buyers to the mix, however, does have a tendency to 'quicken' the pace. 

What can buyers do to lower the volume, lessen their own anxiety and reduce the frenzy without getting caught up in the process, all while making sure they don't miss out on the house of their dreams? Plus, what can sellers do to maximize their leverage in getting the best possible offer? And for both buyers and sellers, are there specific tips you can use to ensure you're 'in it to win it' for your next home purchase or sale? Find out more in this helpful Oregon real estate feature article & podcast by clicking here.

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